Wheel Revivers are a family run business established in 1999 along with our sister company Mills Tyre & Exhaust, and together have been providing an alloy wheel refurbishment service to the public and traders alike since, to what we feel, is one of the highest standards out there in the wheel refurbishment business.

The primary reasons for us originally steering towards wheel refurbishment was because of ‘leaky rims’ that we encountered on a more and more regular basis. Being in the tyre industry also made us realise that at the time, this reason alone was enough for us to take the leap and set about refurbishing alloy and steel wheels for more of a practical reason rather than cosmetic reasons nowadays.

From the start we didn’t want to provide a service which simply just delayed the problem for a further few months but completely eradicated it all together, so a few sanding pads and an aerosol was never an option. We wanted to still provide a quality service all round so proceeded obtain the best equipment available at the time.

Originally we were providing a wet paint finish where all alloy wheels were shot blasted from scratch to remove existing paints and lacquers and then filled and re-built to their original profiles. The alloy or steel wheel would then be primed, painted and lacquered using solvent based paints equal to the finish on the bodywork of most cars.

Although this was very effective and produced some great looking alloy and steel wheels, it was also very labour intensive and time consuming leading us to be, at times, spending nearly 12 hours on just the preparation of 4 alloy wheels!

With alloy wheels becoming more and more popular it was only a matter of time before the diversity of different colours, materials and finishes became vast. Also the reasoning for getting your alloys refurbished was changing, whereas before it was to make then air tight or ‘smarten them up’ for practicality. It soon transition to colour changes and finishes for more of a cosmetic choice. With the system we were using at the time it became harder and harder to stay with the ‘trends’ so a change was needed.

We soon invested in a completely new powder coating system, complete with a new oven, spray booth and dip tank. So we now use state of the art equipment to provide a powder coated finish to the alloys we refurbish which eliminates a big part of the labour allowing us to provide a better quality and efficient service to our customers. Also the list of finishes and colours we can now provide are not only much better quality and durable, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing.

Picture of Jack and his team
Picture of Jack and his team