When it comes to quoting for a refurbishment, whether it's for all 4/5 of your wheels or just one, it comes down to three main points:

  1. The dimensions of your wheels i.e. 19"x 8J (J being the width of your alloy in inches)
  2. The condition of your wheels, how corroded and curbed/scuffed they are dictates on how much time will be needed to bring them back to original spec.
  3. Your choice of colour, while the majority of colours are the same price, when it comes to unusual colours such as custom colours etc the price can vary.

Usually we are able to give a pretty good estimate of price from the majority of phones calls and descriptions, and it is rare we have to change a price on arrival of the wheels, it is still always best, if convenient, to come down and see us with the wheels or send us some photo’s in an email. Only then will we be able to give an exact quotation.

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