Here at Wheel Revivers we use state of the art equipment, equal to that used by manufacturers, to provide a finish that not only we are proud of but your will be proud of too. Here’s how it works...

  • Your car put securely up on axle stands, tyres removed from your alloy or steel wheels. They are then checked for any buckles & cracks etc.
  • The wheels are then chemically stripped of their existing coatings to expose the alloy underneath. These are then washed thoroughly and then shot blasted to provide a strong key, ensuring the powder primer has the best possible surface to adhere too and also removing any existing alloy corrosion which is still present.
  • Your alloy wheels are then checked for any pitting, curbing and ‘scuff’ damage etc and then filled where necessary using an alu minium filler. If the damage is on the extreme side your alloys are then welded using a TIG welder, you will always be informed of this first.
  • Once the preparation of your alloy wheels has finished, they are then ready for the powder coating process. This starts with the wheels being pre-heated to 200˚C for 20 minutes to help release any excess gases/liquids which may be trapped in the porous surface of the alloys and also by applying the powder primer onto a hot surface it helps promote an even basecoat.
  • Your wheels are then coated with a polyester powder primer to act as a basecoat for the painting process later, also because this primer is applied onto a hot surface it ensures the correct amount of powder is used and the the most even surface is achieved. They are then put back into the oven and allowed to ‘green cure/semi-cure’ for 8 minutes at 180˚C.
  • Once your wheels have then been ‘green cured’, the water based paint in the colour of your choice is then applied to the face of the wheels at a set temperature. They are then left to cool down to room temperature.
  • Once cool, the crystal clear acrylic lacquer is then applied to the entire wheel. The acrylic lacquer we use is different to the polyester lacquer that is used by most manufacturers as the acrylic lacquer is a far harder, clearer and more durable finish than the cheaper polyester version.
  • Once the lacquer has been applied to all of your alloy wheels, they are then fully cured in the oven for a further 25 minutes at 160˚C to leave smooth, clear finish ready to go back onto your car.
  • Finally once your wheels are then cool, we re-fit all your tyres with chrome sleeved valves, balance your wheels with adhesive weights and put then put them back on your car whilst taking great care not to mark, scratch or chip your ‘new’ alloys.

...This entire process takes a little over 24 hours leaving you without your car for just one day & night, allowing you to continue with your day to day schedule without too much interruption.

Mazda MX5 Candy blue
Mazda MX5 'Candy Blue'
Mazda MX5 Candy blue
Mazda MX5 'Candy Blue'